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TT081 - Making Early Years Foundation Stage Target Tracker v6.5.3 files using data from a School Management System

Article Rating: | Last updated: 02-Jan-2015 11:39 AM

At the beginning of each school year you will need to import your new Foundation Stage intake into a file to use in the Early Years Foundation Stage Target Tracker program.

We recommend that instead of creating a new file each year that you instead add the new intake into your previous year's EYFSTT file.

This will enable you to compare the progress and achievement with previous Foundation Stage cohorts. 

For help with this process please use the Support Article - Updating Early Years Foundation Stage Target Tracker files using data from a School Management System

We have added a facility to the program to allow older year groups to be archived from the file when comparison is no longer needed.

However if you are a new user of the program, or you particularly want to have each cohort in a separate file, follow these instructions to create a new Early Years Foundation Stage Target Tracker file.

You should first create a Pupil Detail report from your school's Management Information System (MIS). If you are not sure how to do this view the Support Article relevant to your MIS e.g. Extracting pupil data from for EYFSTT files

Save the file created from your MIS as an Excel file to a location you can access from the PC where you use the EYFSTT software e.g. on a network, on the Desktop, or on a memory stick.

Open the Early Years Foundation Stage Target Tracker software

Click the green icon in the top left corner to load the File menu

Click New and you will be taken to a Save In box – If necessary browse to the correct location you wish to save your new file and then type in the filename for your new file and click Save

The School Information page loads – enter your LA and school details

The Pupil Data area loads – click to Import Pupil data, then select MIS

Click the Browse button below Select file to Import

Browse to the location of the excel file you have saved from your school's MIS and open it

Select the year groups of pupils to import from the Select Year Groups box

The children's names will appear and are all selected. We recommend making a cohort file so it is not necessary to deselect any children at this stage

Click Update Pupils

This takes you back into the EYFSTT Home page where the new file is now ready to use

If it is necessary for more than one staff member to enter data into this file e.g. you have more than one class in Reception or Nursery the file can either be stored on a server where multiple users can access it, or alternatively you can make copies of the new EYFS file using Export - Save Copy As, from the File menu and give a copy to each teacher. The individual EYFS files will be able to be synchronised together to bring all of the data from all of the classes into line, periodically throughout the year.

Do not make multiple files by importing the data from the MIS file on each teacher's computer, as these files will not be related to each other and will not be able to be synchronised.